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Available Size (mm)
Dia: 202 / 211
Min. Height: 90 mm
Max. Height: 310mm
Application: Air Fresheners, Insecticide,
Butane Gas, Disinfectant, Household  Products, Cosmetics and many more ...

Aerosol Tin Can

Available Color
Min. Size: 710 x 510 mm
Max. Size: 1200 x 1000 mm
Color: C.M.Y.K
Solvent: Varnish, Lacquering, Coating, Sizing
Application: Aerosol Cans, Food Cans General Cans and many
more ...

Printing & Coating 

Available Size (mm) 
Cone Size: 202 / 207.5 / 211
Dome Size: 201 / 209 
Types of Cone: Korea, Conical, High, Low, Straight Wall
Application: Aerosol Cans, General Cans ...

Aerosol Can End
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